it's cheesecake factory without the vowels! ;D

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Permalink Him being happy makes me happy. Happy birthday dad.
Permalink Yeah. You could say we had fun.
Permalink Just chilling with @seopaul nbd.
Permalink Yeah. My family is better than yours. #BOOTY (at Boston College)
Permalink What in the world is this nonsense?! #BCKSA #assassins  (at Boston College)
Permalink Something I forgot to upload on Sunday (at Conte Forum)
Permalink Literally all of my feels today. Big third period coming up. Let’s go Eagles! #weareBC  (at Conte Forum)
Permalink Big game today. Let’s get it done! #weareBC  (at Conte Forum)
Permalink at Kenny-Cottle Library
Permalink The first time Starbucks has ever gotten my name wrong… :’( (at Starbucks)